We are in a process of creating a panel of experts to help us in Business Incubation, Intellectual Property Management, Commercialization, Business Development and Industry Collaboration. ACIC IIT (ISM) Foundation invites Proposals for collaboration from:


Since its establishment in 1926 IIT (ISM) Dhanbad has been silently contributing to strengthen the nation’s infrastructure by offering skilled human resources who propel the industry’s leading companies. Although the Institute has already demonstrated its expertise in the area of Metals, Minerals, Materials, Chemicals and Oil & Gas. Nonetheless, the Institute has also developed expertise in new areas like ICT, Electronics, AI, ML, Energy, Environment, Civil.
Although the institute’s body is 100 year old, it is young at heart, when it comes to embracing new tech.


Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad [IIT (ISM) Dhanbad] has been entrusted for the establishment of Atal Community Innovation Centre (ACIC) under the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), NITI Aayog, Govt. of India to encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship.
We focus towards creating opportunities for the entrepreneurs by offering an incentive to explore unique and incentivized solutions.
We believe that the companies, whether they are start-ups, micro, small, medium or large, are the backbone of the country. Hence, it is important to provide them equitable opportunities, especially by reducing the lab to land distance and creating a space for pre-incubation of ideas/solutions. It is our good fortune that we are helping the nation builders.


ACIC IIT (ISM) Foundation

  • Get initial furnished infrastructure and space from the beginning.
  • Expertise of Faculty that have rich and diverse experience.
  • Students have cleared the world’s toughest exam and hence are the best
  • Our alumni are in senior position and can mentor your company/ organization.
Our intent is to offer you services and facilities so that you channelize your energy in the right direction.

To envision an educational system oriented towards start-ups and entrepreneurship opportunities for students and faculties. To bring forth the path for developing entrepreneurial agenda, managing Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) ownership, technology licensing and equity sharing in start-ups or enterprises established by faculty and potential entrepreneurs.

To unleash the paradigm of an entrepreneurial mind set and facilitate start-ups by setting up an environment of ideating, creating, and commercializing the ventures at the institute to the core theme of the centre, anticipating that the new business entities will generate economic value and employment for the country and find practical business solutions to social and environmental challenges of present days.