R&D Projects Ongoing/Completed:

  1. Title of Project: Benefits of Composite Cement over OPC and PSC in Terms of Strength and Durability.
    Amount: Rs. 6,00,000/-
    Funding Agency: OCL India Limited
    PI: Dr. Sanket Nayak.
    Co-PI: Dr. Smruti Sourava Mohapatra, Dept. of Civil Engineering
    Status: Completed [OCL/2018-2019/591/CE].
  2. Title of Project: Low-cost sustainable approach of improving lateral load resisting capacity of unreinforced masonry structures.
    Amount: Rs. 23,76,000/-
    Funding Agency: Young Scientist, Start-up Research Grant (SERB, DST)
    PI: Dr. Sanket Nayak.
    Co-PI: NIL
    Status: Completed [DST(SERB)(136)/2015-2016/460/Civil Engg.].
  3. Title of Project: Constructing Structure on Backfilled Open Cast Coal Mines: An Attempt to Suggest Viable Methodologies.
    Amount: Rs. 3,04,00,000/-
    Funding Agency: Coal India Limited
    PI: Prof. S. C. Dutta, Dept. of Civil Engineering.
    Co-PI: Dr. Sanket Nayak.
    Status: Completed [MOC(2)/2015-2016/449/CE].
  4. Title of Project: Investigation on Mechanical and Durability Properties of Self Compacted Concrete Prepared with Recycled Coarse Aggregate from C&D Waste.
    Amount: Rs. 18,93,600/-
    Funding Agency: Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO)
    PI: Dr. Sarat Kumar Panda, Dept. of Civil Engineering.
    Co-PI: Dr. Sanket Nayak.
    Status: Completed [HUDCO(1)/2015-2016/436/CE].
  5. Title of Project: Assessment and Improvement of Lateral Load Resisting Capacity of Fly Ash Brick Made Masonry Structures.
    Amount: Rs. 8,80,000/-
    Funding Agency: FRS (ISM)
    PI: Dr. Sanket Nayak.
    Co-PI: Nil
    Status: Completed [FRS(78)/2014-2015/CE].

Major Consultancy Work Carried Out:

  1. Name of the Work: Vulnerability Assessment of Different Structures of Koyla Bhawan at Koyla Nagar, BCCL, Dhanbad.
    Client: BCCL, Dhanbad.

    Role: CI
    Status: Completed.
  2. Name of the Work: Checking of Structural Design and Drawing of Railway Over Bridges.
    Client: NHAI, Ranchi.
    Role: CI
    Status: Completed.
  3. Name of the Work: Proof checking of structural design and drawings for G+2 Running Room Building to be constructed at Tundla, Agra.
    Client: Designers Forum, Bhubaneswar.
    Role: CI
    Status: Completed.
  4. Name of the Work: Earthquake Structural Stability Tests of Buildings of RBI Patna.
    Client: Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Patna
    Role: Co-CI
    Status: Completed.
  5. Name of the Work: Proof Checking of Two Box Bridges for Railway Loading.
    Client: RITES, Kolkata.
    Role: Co-CI
    Status: Completed.
  6. Name of the Work: Proof Checking of Drawings for National Memorial of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at Rameswaram.
    Client: DRDO, New Delhi.
    Status: Completed.