Departmental Achivements

Details of Experimental/Research Facilities at the Institute

Chemical Engineering Department

Type (Equipment/Software/Others) Name of Equipment (Model No.)/Software (Version No.)/Any Other Purpose/Uses/Key Application Full Name of Funding Agency/Institute Fund/Deptt. Fund/DDF/Any Other Cost (Rs. In Lakhs) Date of Installation (in dd/mm/yyyy) Location where Installed
Equipment Rotational Viscometer Determine the flow behavior of fluids for
quality control, product development
and research applications
Institution 7,14,848.00 2012 UG Laboratory-3
Equipment TOC Analyzer TOC Analysis Institution 14,83,486.00 2013 Research Lab- 1
Equipment Gas Chromatograph Analysis of gas sample Institution 11,43,500.00 2013 Research Lab-5
Equipment Dy-Noy Tensiometer Surface tension of a liquid or the Interfacial
Tension between two immiscible liquids
Institution 6,72,202.00 2013 UG Laboratory-1
Equipment CHNS Analyzer Analysis of C, H, N, O & S Institution
2013 Research Lab- 1
Equipment Particle Size Analyzer Particle Size and other physio-chemical parameters Institution 22,94,906.00 2015 Research Lab-3
Equipment Particle Size Analyzer Zeta Sizer Particle Size distribution of nano particles, colloidal
dispersions, polymer and protein solution
2015 Research Lab-1
Equipment Modular Compact Rheometer Rheological studies on soft materials such as suspensions,
emulsions, pastes, polymeric solutions and polymeric melts.
TEQIP 32,32,115.00 2015 UG Laboratory-1
Equipment Quaternary UHPLC System along with all
Separation of organic compounds, and concentration measurement
of organic compounds
Institution 16,61,197.00 2015 Research Lab-5
Equipment TGA, Thermostep Proximate Analysis of coal biomass Institution 13,29,698.00 2015 Fuel Analysis Lab- 415
Equipment Spectrometer Concentration measurement of analytics Institution
2015 Research Lab-3
Equipment Laboratory Density Meter DMA
5000 M
Determination of Density, Specific Gravity, Concentration of liquids
and gases.
Institution 1,87,179.00 2016 UG Laboratory-1
Equipment Planetary Ball Mill For nano-sized grinding Institution 9,54,869.00 2016 Mechanical Operation
Lab 006
Equipment Microprocessor Based Vibra-Cell
Ultraonic Probe
Nano particle synthesis, Homogenization of aqueous samples/solutions Institution
2016 UG Laboratory-2
Equipment High Performacne, Bench Top Fourier
Transform Infra-Red Spectrophotometer

Research Lab-4
Room No.- 427
Equipment Sensitive Accurate & Robust, Bench-Top
Simulatneous DSC TGA with Data
Acquisitionand Data Analyser Software
Simultaneous measurement of weight change (TGA) and differential
heat flow (DSC) on the sample material
2016 Research Lab-4
Equipment High Pressure Fixed Bed Reactor
2017 Room No. -408
Research Lab- 2
Equipment Gas Chromatograph (NETEL)
FRS 9,27,382.00 2016 Room No.- 408
Research Lab- 2
Equipment Micrprocessor Based Automated Catalyst
Characterization System

2018 Room No.- 408
Research Lab-2
Software ChemCAD 7
Institution 6,03,750.00 24/03/2013 Computer Lab, Dept of Chemical Engg.
Software Ansys Academic and Research CFD 14.5
Institution 8,44,000.00 25/10/2013 Computer Lab, Dept of Chemical Engg.
Software Matlab R2013b

15,29,220.00 20/2/2014 Computer Lab, Dept of Chemical Engg.
Software Origin Lab Professional 9.1
Institution 1,68,800.00 25/03/2014 Computer Lab, Dept of Chemical Engg.
Software Aspen Software 8.6
Institution 6,31,709.00 19/05/2015 Computer Lab, Dept of Chemical Engg.
Software Design-Expert 10

19/01/2017 Office of Shri. LDNVV Konda
Software COMSOL Multiphysics 5.3
CIL Project 14,14,820.00 21/12/2017. Research Lab 2
Software Material Studio 5.5
CIL Project 14,88,854.00 26/02/2018 Research Lab 2