Departmental Achivements

Details of Experimental/Research Facilities at the Institute

Environmental Science and Engineering Department

Type (Equipment/Software/Others) Name of Equipment (Model No.)/Software (Version No.)/Any Other Purpose/Uses/Key Application Full Name of Funding Agency/Institute Fund/Deptt. Fund/DDF/Any Other Cost (Rs. In Lakhs) Date of Installation (in dd/mm/yyyy) Location where Installed
Equipment Double beam Atomic Absorption Spectro Photometer GBC-Avanta
(GBC Australia, Avanta PM)
Analyses of trace and heavy metals in liquid solutions. MOEF&CC (World Bank Project) USD 44547
INR 2018870
3/18/2004 Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) Lab.
(Ground Floor)
Equipment Elemental analyzer
(Euro Vector, EA 3000)
Analysis of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen & Sulphur analysis. TEQUIP-II 16.2 12/20/2012 Instrumentation Lab.
(Ground Floor)
Equipment Global Positioning System
(Ashtech Co., AProMark-3)
Analysis of GPS coordinates measurement with accuracy 1-3 cm Institute Fund 5.72 8/18/2010 Land-Use & Hydrogeology Lab.
(2nd Floor)
Equipment Electro-Chemical Work Station
(Corrtest, CS 300)
Analysis of Electrochemical process Institute Fund 5.18 3/17/2017 Adv. Wastewater Engineering Lab.
(3rd Floor)
Equipment Fluorescence Microscope
(Leica Microsystems, DM3000)
A phase contrast fluorescence microscope will facilitate live cell imaging and finds application in intracellular signaling. DST-FIST 12 7/27/2017 DST-FIST Lab.
(Ground Floor)
Equipment Fine Particulate Sampler
(Envirotech Instruments Pvt. Ltd, APM 550 )
Ambient air monitoring (PM2.5) Institute Fund 15.19 3/31/2012 Air Pollution Lab.
(2nd Floor)
Equipment Gas Chromatograph
(Thermo Fisher, CERES 800)
GC is used for Separating and analyzing various organics, dyes, pesticides & gases in water & Gas samples. Institute Fund 15 1/7/2010 Instrumentation Lab.
(Ground Floor)
Equipment Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
(Thermo Fisher Scientific, GC Model No.- Trace 1300)
GC-MS is useful for quantitative studies that involve identifying whether or not specific substances are present in a sample and is also used for structural DST-FIST 56.2 3/31/2018 DST-FIST Lab.
(Ground Floor)
Equipment GRIMM 1.109 aerosol spectrometer Simultaneous measurement of 32 size ranes of ambient particulates Institute Fund 12.82 9/11/2013 Air Pollution and Computational Lab.
(3rd Floor)
Equipment High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC)
(Thermo Fisher, Ultimate 3000)
For Determination of Organic and other compounds in micro level. TEQUIP-II 28 3/30/2015 Adv. Industrial Waste Water Lab.
(3rd Floor)
Equipment Microwave Digestion System
(Milestone, EthosOne)
For Acid digestion of soil sediment, and sludge samples for heavy metal/trace metal analysis Institute Fund 13.71 11/26/2013 Instrumentation Lab.
(Ground Floor)
Equipment Ozone Analyser
(Ecotech, Serinus-10)
For Ozone Measurement Institute Fund 9.85 3/31/2016 Air Pollution and Computational Lab.
(3rd Floor)
Equipment Respirable Dust Sampler
(Envirotech Instruments Pvt. Ltd, APM 460)
Ambient air monitoring (PM10) Institute Fund 1.91 6/23/2006 Air Pollution Lab.
(2nd Floor)
Equipment Real Time PCR
(Thermo Fisher Scientific, QuantStudio™ 5)
Real time PCR system is an instrument facilitating gene expression analysis. DST-FIST 16.72 4/5/2017 DST-FIST Lab.
(Ground Floor)
Equipment Rotational viscometer
(Antone Paar India Pvt. Ltd., Rheoleb QC)
For Viscosity measurement Institute Fund 7.29 7/21/2011 Applied Air and Soil Lab.
(2nd Floor)
Equipment Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure
Analysis of Hazardouswaste Leaching Institute Fund 1.48 9/8/2005 Applied Air and Soil Lab.
(3rd Floor)
Equipment Tube Luminometer
(Bearth Old, Lumat-3-LB9508)
For toxicity analysis Institute Fund 7.32 9/21/2018 DST-FIST Lab.
(Ground Floor)
Equipment Total Organic Carbon Analyser
(Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, TOC-LCSH)
TOC Analyser is used for Quantification of TOC, DOC & POC in water samples. Institute Fund 10 8/5/2011 Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) Lab.
(Ground Floor)
Equipment UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
(Shimazdu, UV-1900)
For Quantitative determination of different analytes Institute Fund 4.83 4/16/2015 Environmental Microbilogy Lab..
(3rd Floor)
Equipment Ambient CO Analyser
(Hariba, APM A 370)
For CO measurement in Air Institute Fund 5.07 3/9/2017 Air Pollution and Computational Lab.
(3rd Floor)