Summer Research Internship Programme

SRIP Interns are required to give a mid-term presentation after four weeks, to a review committee consisting of a group of academic staff members. The review committee gives feedback and suggests possible improvements in the work. At the end of the program all the SRIP Interns make a poster presentation of the work carried out. The poster presentation is open to the public. It is also evaluated by faculty members. A commendation certificate will be given to SRIP Interns who produce exceptional quality research during the period signed by the mentor and Dean (R&D).

Total number of SRIP Interns will be about 90 per summer, which includes Interns under Institute Funded/Project Funded/Self-Financed.

The Non-IIT(ISM) applicants shall be required to pay the non-refundable application fee of Rs. 500/- through Payment Gateway.

The applications received by the Office of Dean (R&D) will be forwarded to SRIP Committee of the Department to recommend the applications. The SRIP Committee of the Department is a three-member committee: Head of the Department as Chairperson, Convener DUGC and One more faculty member from the Department.

Guidelines for selecting the Interns under SRIP

Summer Research Internship Program (SRIP) Application Form