Contigency Guidelines

The Board of Governors of the Institute in its 12th meeting held on 20th December 2019 has approved the Cumulative Contingency effective from April 1, 2020. The disbursement of the Contingency for PhD/M.Tech./IPDFs will be as per following table:

Serial No. Item Maximum Permissible Limit for PhD/M.Tech. Students within allocated amount (in Rs.) Maximum Permissible Limit for IPDFs within allocated amount (in Rs.)
1 Chemical/consumable for fabrication and testing related to research work with prior approval of Guide. No limit No limit
2 Stationary items, photocopy, printout, and Postal charges etc. (Payable as fixed charges not to be claimed) (Would be directly transferred to the Bank Account of the Scholar once in year) 1500/Year 2500/Year
3 Publication Charges (only for non-paid journals)/purchase of preprints, Subscription Charges and Books No limit No limit
4 Testing and Analysis charges. No limit No limit
5 Travel expenses related to field work including hiring of vehicles/labours, Sandwich PhD, oral paper presentation in conferences, training with prior approval of Guide is required. No limit No limit
6 Registration fees for attending Conferences/Workshop (such as GIAN course), training, membership of national and international societies and associations, Online courses related to research work. No limit No limit
7 Thesis Printing and Binding Charges after the no dues (Would be directly to the Bank Account of the Scholar) 2000/- (M.Tech.) , 5000/- (PhD) Not Applicable
8 Thesis Evaluation Fees As per Institute Rules Not Applicable

Veracity of the claim to be certified by the M.Tech./PhD Supervisors and Mentors of IPDFs. Supervisors/Mentors have to certify that the claim has been made for the research related work.

Allocated contingency amount per annum is as follows:

PhD : Total Contingency Rs. 30,000/- p.a.

IPDF : Total Contingency Rs. 75,000/- p.a.

M.Tech. : Total Contingency Rs. 5,000/- p.a.