Project Guidelines


The Office of the Dean (Research and Development) drives strategic planning and provides guidance across academic and research programs, fostering new and interdisciplinary research initiatives and collaborations.

How to Apply For a Project?

The faculty members can apply for the project to various funding agencies by submitting the form (Format for Forwarding R&D Proposal). Each funding agency has its format for endorsement. While sending the proposal, please send the relevant endorsement form as well.
Please send a copy of the entire proposal, including endorsement letter, certificate from investigators for the office record.

How to get the Project Number?

Once a project is sanctioned by the concerned funding agency, please send a request letter to Dean (R&D) for the Project Number along with the sanction letter of the funding agency. This number is a unique number and is mandatory for running the project. Office of the Dean (R&D) enters the Project details in the MIS. How to Get the Project Number

Mandate Forms

PFMS Certificate

PFMS Certificate



TAN : RCHI00063A


Unique ID No. (NGO DARPAN)


Tax Invoice

Some projects require Tax Invoice. Tax Invoice is issued by the Office of the Dean (R&D) on request of PI.

Tax Exemption

TDS exemption is furnished below:

Some PIs may require Tax Exemption under section 197 which allows Nil or Lower Tax Rate Deduction of TDS (or TDS Exemption). PIs desiring such exemption may send the request to Dean (R&D) office with following information:

This certificate will be valid for a financial year only.

Please find the notification in this regard. Notification


It is preferred that the all payments related to project are made online.

IIT ISM Online Payment

Travel for Project Work

Dean (R&D) endorses the application for travel support. The possible source of travel support is:


Permission to be sought from Dean (R&D) for carrying out testing and analysis outside India.

Utilization Certificate (UC)/ Statement of Expenditure (SE)

PIs are advised to send the request to project section (through email: for preparing SE/UC well in advance. The Projec account section will provide the SE/UC at the earliest.

Purchase Manual

Institute Purchase Manual to be followed for the purchase. Purchase manual and other related information can be found at : Link

Advance for Carrying Out Project Work

Staff advance for carrying Project can be drawn by the PI as per institute norm by filling the Staff Advance Form.

Project Employees are not entitled for Advance. PIs can take advance on behalf of the Project Employees.

Advance once taken, needs to be settled within 30 days of return, else interest would be charged as per GoI norms on the advance drawn.

At a time PI can have one advance only.

PDF Guidelines


By Delegation of Financial Power of PI (Project Investigator) / CI (Consultant In-charge)/Programme Cordinator (PC)

When a PI Leaves the Institute

In such cases the guidelines of the funding agency would be followed. In case the funding agency permits to transfer the project where the PI has joined after leaving IIT(ISM) Dhanbad she/he needs to do following:

Transfer of Project

Collaborative R&D Projects can be submitted where the faculty of IIT(ISM) Dhanbad can be PI or Co-PI. The Proposals should clearly mention about the fund requirement of the participating institute(s) along with Overhead charges.

If a faculty member from another institute/organization joins IIT(ISM) Dhanbad and she/he intends to transfer the sanctioned/ongoing project from his previous organization/institute, following would be required:

Recruitment in the Project

Dean (R&D) approval is needed for project recruitment.

For this purpose, following documents shall be sent to Coordinator R&D (Administration) via e-office for necessary processing and approval;

Once it is approved by the Dean (R&D), the same has to be hosted on the Institute Website by the PI using following steps:

Steps to upload project opening On MIS

After the interview, Report of the Selection Committee is to be sent to Dean (R&D) for approval.

The Office of the Dean (R&D) issues the offer letter. The offer letter is then sent to the Project Employee through Email with a copy to PI, SMO, HOD. The Project employee sends the acceptance of the offer through email within seven days of the offer.

Once the candidate joins, the following is to be submitted by the candidate to the Office of Dean (R&D)

After the receipt of the same, notification related to joining is issued by the Office of the Dean (R&D).

In case the selected candidate does not join, then the offer will be sent to Wait Listed Candidate. Normally the panel is valid for six months.

Guidelines for Project Staff Recruitment

Different funding agency rules as per January 2023 are given here. However, PI/CI are requested to check the latest notifications/rules of their project funding agencies and follow the latest notifications.