Sandwich PhD Programme

The Board of Governors of the Institute in its 12th meeting held on 20th December 2019 has approved the Sandwich PhD Programme effective from April 1, 2020 to provide an opportunity to improve research abilities, and to establish and/or increase work opportunities in an international context.

There are two options for carrying out Sandwich PhD:

The publication originating from the programme will indicate the affiliation of both the Institutes for the Doctoral Student.

If the period exceeds six months the student is expected to get financial support from the host institute. However, the institute support in any circumstances will not exceed 2.00 Lakhs (depending upon the country) plus his/her fellowship for six months and contingency grant.

Eligibility: A Doctoral Student after successfully defending his Research Proposal Seminar Duration: Minimum for Six Months.

The countries wise support by the Institute:

Support: A Doctoral student will utilize his fellowship of six months plus accumulated contingency. In addition, the Institute would provide a maximum additional support of Rs. 2.00 Lakhs depending on the country of visit if the students does not get financial support from the host institute else the contribution of the Institute will be reduced proportionally. The maximum number of doctoral students to be supported by the Institute is 20 (Twenty) per year. The total amount can be used for air travel, visa processing fees, medical insurance, accommodation charges, daily expenses.

Selection Criteria:

Call for Sandwich Ph.D Programme will be made once in a year (preferably during the Month of March). If need arises the call for proposal can be twice a year. However, the number of doctoral students to be supported by the Institute will not exceed 20 per year in any case. The Doctoral Students need to avail the opportunity within a year.

Application Form for Sandwich PhD Programme