General Guidelines for Organizing Joint Seminar/Symposium/Conference etc

Following are the approved general guidelines for organizing joint seminar/symposium/conference etc. effective from 25.04.2019.

(1) Administrative Approval for Organizing Joint Seminar/Symposium/Conference etc. :

Any proposal for organizing joint Seminar/Symposium/Conference etc. should first be discussed in DAC of the concerned Department/Centre. The Department concerned may forward such proposal to the Dean (R&D), IIT(ISM) Dhanbad alongwith their recommendation and names of Departmental representatives for organizing such Seminar/Symposium/Conference indicating:

The Convener/coordinator of the seminar/conference/symposium will have the powers as of the Project Investigator of the Project.

(2) Seed Money :

IIT(ISM) Dhanbad may provide Seed money for organizing Joint/Seminar/Symposium/Conference etc. to a maximum of Rs. 50,000/-. This money needs to be refunded to the Institute after completion of the Seminars/Symposium.

(3) Execution of Tasks :

After approval of the programme, the Organizing Committee will decide and carry out all tasks with due diligence as would be required to take the programme to logical culmination.

(4) Operation of Bank Account :

Funds should be received in the seminar account of the Institute, accounted through an individual ledger account under Project Account entity. All the money received for organizing the Seminar/Symposium/conference should be deposited in the bank and should be duly acknowledged through numbered official money receipt with joint signature of organizing Secretary and Treasurer. The details of the account are:

(5) Numbering of Seminar/Symposium/Conference

All the Seminars/Symposium/Conference organized by the institute should have unique number to identify the same in the records. For this purpose such Seminar/Symposium/Conference would be allotted number by the office of the Dean (R&D). The officials of organizing team will apply in appropriate form alongwith approved budget etc. for allotment of number.

(6) Budget Approval/Sanction :

The organizing committee of the Seminar/symposium/Conference will recommend the budget for the proposed Seminar/Symposium/Conference in accordance with commitment of funds from various sponsors/advertisement. The budget of the Seminar/Symposium/Conference shall finally be approved by the Director, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad. If adequate funds are not received in advance, the programme can be postponed or terminated as the situation demands in consultation with the Dean (R&D).

(7) Venue Charges :

In case of joint seminar/symposium/conference, if IIT(ISM) Dhanbad is one of the party to organize the same, using IIT(ISM) Dhanbad premises as venue should be made available free of cost. However, nominal incidental service charges (for payment of honorarium/overtime etc.) may be levied in such cases. If only IIT(ISM) Dhanbad venue is used and institute is not involved in organizing seminar/symposium/conference, full rental for GJLT/Penman Auditorium/Lower Ground/Upper Ground etc. should be levied.

(8) Seminar/symposium/Conference nomination fees :

All the nomination/participation fees for IIT(ISM) Dhanbad participants shall be 50% of the normal fees charges from others.

(9) Institute Share :

15% of the Total revenue generated

(10) Sharing of the Savings of the Seminar/Symposium/Conference:

The committee recommends that the savings of Joint Seminar/Symposium/Conference, if any be distributed as:

(11) Expenditure Approval/Sanction :

The committee recommends that all the expenditure of the Seminar/Symposium/Conference should be approved/sanctioned by the Organizing Committee and should be within the approved budget. Expenditure should be properly verified and recorded by the Treasurer in the appropriate register of the Seminar/Symposium/Conference.

(12) Payment of Honorarium/TA/Overtime allowance for the Seminar/Symposium/Conference.

(13) Audit of Accounts:

After completion of the Seminar/Symposium/Conference, the consolidated account should be prepared by the Treasurer and Convener/Organizing secretary (including Head-wise Receipts and payments etc.) and should be audited by Internal Audit wing of the Institute. The audit is expected to be completed within 12 months of the Conference. Any exception to this shall be considered on a case to case basis with prior approval from the Director of the Institute.

(14) The institute purchase norms will be followed for the purchases/services made for the Conference/Seminar etc.

(15) Food and beverages will be served as per GoI guidelines.